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We believe in dinners together talking about the days adventures. In laughing until it hurts. We believe in soul mates and that everything happens for a reason. In getting flowers for no reason. We believe in good manners and always being kind. We believe in strong marriages and big families. We believe in building a life together, side by side. We believe in living in the moment, because you'll never get this one back. We believe in antique frames with grandparents pictures. We believe in crisp fall days and bonfire nights. 

We believe in clients that become friends.  In serving our clients, not just taking their pictures.  We believe in creating art that not only looks pretty, but that portrays genuine emotion. We believe in documenting YOUR real moments.We believe in the classic. In things that never go out of style. We believe in creating something for your future generations. So that they may know that your love existed and what it looked like. We believe every couple, family and story is unique and deserves to be told.

We believe that moments fade, eventually even memories, but images last lifetimes. We believe what we do matters.

What we do at Viridian Ivy Images doesn't come from the camera, it comes from the heart. Our passion is documenting real life love stories. Your unique love story. Our goal is for you to look back at your pictures and remember how you felt.




Hi there, I'm Jessica, but my friends call me Jess!  I am an upbeat, passionate, adventurous, people pleaser that knows every word to my favorite songs. I was born and raised in Sylvania, OH but recently crossed the line over to MI to live with my now husband! We just got married last October. I'm currently trying to convince him to buy me a goat. You know the ones that jump?

I love estate sales, antiquing, decorating, traveling, nature, music, family time and girls weekends.  My friends and family are my world. I’m addicted to Starbucks, Sushi and wedding cake. A perfect Saturday off for me would be filled with starbucks, estate sales, antique stores, house projects, sushi for dinner and a bottle of Malbec on the patio! 

A Few of My Favorite Things:

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