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Leta + Mac | Siblings | Toledo Botanical Gardens

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These precious little babies !!!! They are hysterical. Had so much fun with them! We love capturing tiny humans with big personalities. <3

I'm still laughing about when Leta fell into the flowers mid spin and popped right back up unphased! Also, when I asked her if she would sit on the crate for me... and she simply said YEA!! If only it was always that easy! And finally when she so innocently asked at the end of the session "What is art?" We all agreed and said "everything!" 

I'm excited to see what little bro Mac has to say when he starts talking!

Haley + Joey | July 22, 2017 | Glessner House Museum | Chicago Wedding

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I have known Haley and her family since we were all quite a bit younger than we are now. ;) When she emailed me after she got engaged and told me she wanted ME to be her wedding photographer.... Well truthfully there is no greater honor.  Pretty sure I cried after. I was floored when she asked, "Will you travel to Chicago." Girl heck yea I will travel to Chicago! I have had so much fun during this process with these two. Our phone convos, emails and just having the BEST day ever with them. Once again, FRIENDS! It's impossible for them to be more perfect for each other. I love how in love they are, how sweet they are to one another and I can't wait to see what their lives have in store for them. I will seriously never forget at the reception ( they don't know this ) towards the end when I was taking some last photos of them dancing. I heard Haley say to Joey while looking so deep in his eyes, " I love you SO much." Cue the tears behind the lens!

They got married at the coolest place ever!  The Glessner House Museum in the East Loop of Chicago. It used to be someones HOUSE guys. Now it's an amazing museum and wedding venue. It almost got torn down years ago and I'm so glad it has been preserved. You should definitely check out their website and schedule a tour if you're ever in the area. Speaking of being in the area, we got to take a Big Bus tour while we were there. Such a fun way to see the city! Joey works for Big Bus. They also used one as the shuttle for the wedding! On the way back to the hotel I sat on top and got to ride through Chicago with all the lights at night.... and the breeze.... It's something else I will never forget. The whole experience is!

I could go on and on about this day, the stories, the amazing color scheme (UM HIIII BLUSH PINK DRESS)  and all of the gorgeous details. However, I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story!

One last story, Joey has a twin brother! In case you thought you were seeing double. Well I could not tell them apart and every time he walked in somewhere before the ceremony I had a mini heart attack it was Joey trying to sneak a peak! He even scared Haley and the bridesmaids! LOL! I could tell them apart by the end of the day. I think.

Ok sorry for all the mushy. I just love these guys! Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for allowing me to come to Chicago to share this with you. Enjoy the ( too many ) favorites. 


Behind The Scenes

Vendor Love

Ceremony & Reception | The Glessner House Museum | Bill Tyre

Transportation | Big Bus Tours Chicago  | Joey Robinson 312-375-4655

DJ/Music & Entertainment | Toast & Jam | Norah Utley  773-263-2665

Florist | Little Shop on the Prairie | Natalia  630-613-9553

Hair/Make Up | Appease Inc.  | 630-550-3764

Dessert/Bakery | Sweet Mandy B's 773-244-1174

Photo Booth Entertainment | iMG Photo Group | Marvin Gordon 847-736-0695

Catering | D'Absolute catering & events  | Mena & Chris

Wedding Dress | Alice in Ivory

Nick + Mackenzie | June 30, 2017 | Park Inn | Downtown Toledo Wedding

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Nick + Mackenzie tied the knot in a gorgeous ceremony and reception at the Park in by Radisson in Dowtown Toledo. These two have been together for TEN years and have a beautiful daughter! They are such a wonderful family. It was an honor to be a part of this very special day for them. The rain didn't phase them one bit! They even let us take them outside in it. :) They also had a little bit of a star wars theme ( huge fans ! ) going on so we just had to use their cake toppers for a ring shot. 

May the force always be with you. ;) Thank you for trusting us with the very important job of capturing your wedding day!

Behind the Scenes


Vendor Love

Venue | Park Inn by Radisson

Flowers | Beautiful Blooms by Jen

Hair | Courtney Magers 

Makeup | Beauty by Billie Jo

Dress | Belle Amour Bridal

DJ | Signature DJ - Chris Marinski