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Alex + Noah | Rustbelt Coffee | Toledo, OH Child Photographer

ChildrenJessica Patton20 Comments

These siblings are SO adorable! Both super shy at first. Noah warmed up to me really quickly. Alex took a little bit longer! While I'm still not sure if she ever really warmed up to me, we got some adorable smiles and reactions out of her anyway! 

At the end of the session when she put her ridiculously adorable coat and hat on I just HAD to snap a few more because come on!!! Look at her! I can't take it.

Mom met us at Rustbelt Coffee last weekend for the session. They have a super cool room you can rent by the hour in there. Perfect for indoor sessions when it's too cold to shoot outside! Lots of character! We love it there. Another perk is we get to drink delicious coffee while we work! 

Enjoy these favorites from their super cute session!