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Carter + Juliana | Toledo Botanical Gardens | Toledo Wedding Photographer

WeddingsJessica PattonComment

We photographed one of the sweetest and most intimate ceremonies last month for Carter and Juliana ! They got married in a gazebo at the Toledo Botanical Gardens and it was simply beautiful. There were just a handful of very special guests including their son, Brann, who was about 3 months old at the time. He is such a cutie!!! There may have been just a few guests but the amount of love at this wedding was HUGE and so apparent. It was such a joy to witness and photograph the union of these families! They are just all the nicest people. Carter and Juliana are so much in love and it just shines out of them! I think you can tell in these pictures. 

Beautiful Blooms by Jen did an amazing job with the flowers as usual! 

Enjoy some our favorites from their day.