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Leta + Mac | Siblings | Toledo Botanical Gardens

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These precious little babies !!!! They are hysterical. Had so much fun with them! We love capturing tiny humans with big personalities. <3

I'm still laughing about when Leta fell into the flowers mid spin and popped right back up unphased! Also, when I asked her if she would sit on the crate for me... and she simply said YEA!! If only it was always that easy! And finally when she so innocently asked at the end of the session "What is art?" We all agreed and said "everything!" 

I'm excited to see what little bro Mac has to say when he starts talking!

Chloe | Class of 2018 | Sylvania, OH Senior Photographer

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Chloe is going to be a senior at Whiteford High School this fall. To say she has a lot going for her would be an understatement. She is smart, so talented and just naturally beautiful. She loves to sing, play the guitar and perform. She played and sang a song for us during her session and it almost had me in tears! She has such a beautiful voice. I love that she chose Toledo Botanical Gardens for her session. It fit her perfectly! It was so fairytale like. 

We don't normally photograph seniors anymore but I'm so glad we got the opportunity to meet and photograph Chloe. She was truly a joy to work with! Her dad, Jack, also keeps our business insured. If you need any type of personal insurance,  we highly recommend Walton Insurance

Chloe currently works for  Laurel's Princess Parties. What a cool first job! I have no doubt Chloe will be really successful at whatever she chooses to do in life.  Enjoy our favorites from her gorgeous senior session!

Ezra | 6 Months | Sylvania OH Child Photographer

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I got to meet baby Ezra a few weeks ago!!! He is just a ball of preciousness.

So the story goes.... I took his parents engagement photos a few years back. I kept in touch with them and Zach ended up helping me with my old website and things. Then later when I mentioned I wanted to rebrand, he mentioned that Sara was starting her own branding company! We then went on an I think 6 month journey together!  Sara is largely responsible for this brand we've created here as well as our website. She is super talented. Check her out at Sarasure!

I just love how that fateful first meeting led us to so many other adventures together. They are such a sweet couple and I am just so happy for them on this new parenthood journey! I can't wait to watch Ezzy grow. 

His adorable outfit is nearly too much to handle. ;) The hat, the suspenders.... we're obsessed! Notice those two little teeth coming in?!

Enjoy these favorites from his 6 month session!