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Katie, Joc + Baby Seb | Key Largo, FL Family and Child Photographer

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Katie is a longtime friend that I get to see once a year while on vacation. We met when we were about 16 while our families were staying in the same vacation spot. It's been so fun to see her every year and talk about the changes in our lives and have some crazy/ fun times together growing up!

She was very supportive when I talked about starting my photography business and just last year at thistime she told me that her and her husband were going to try to have a baby. Well now, a year later, she has this adorable 3 month old, Seb !!! Just crazy. 

I was SO excited to do this for them aaaaaand to have a sunset beach shoot last Christmas Vacation.

Well… it was raining and cloudy all day on the only day we could do it! But that's how it goes and I am in love with the results anyway!