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Minis for a Cause | Goodreau Family | Maumee, OH Family Photographer

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A few weeks ago we were involved in an event very dear to our hearts. You may have heard that a local photographer from JEM lost her young husband to cancer about a month ago. We were all deeply saddened for her and wanted to help in some way. Luckily Rikki Costell came up with this fabulous idea/event! Over 10 photographers got together one Sunday night and had sessions while 100% of the proceeds went to Emy and her daughter to help them through this difficult time. 

It was a pleasure to come together as a photography community to help this wonderful person. Please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers while they navigate their new lives.

We wanted to share some of our favorites here in the hopes that they will bring you some joy during so many dark times happening throughout the country. The Goodreau Family was so sweet ! They are friends of Emy's and came out to support her and her family.

Enjoy and keep an eye out for more sessions to be blogged!

Most of us! Some had to leave before this picture.

A fun shot we got of most of the photographers who participated. Some had to leave before this photo was taken.