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Staci + Mike | Engagement Session | Maumee, OH

EngagementJessica Patton10 Comments

It was a sunny Sunday and the plan was to meet Staci and Mike at Dale's in Downtown Maumee for a drink before their engagement session. We like to chat and get the guy a little more comfy before we get started! I showed up to Dale's first only to find out they are closed on Sundays! At least now I know. I decided to head over to The Village Idiot instead. On the way I found a gorgeous alley with blooming flowers that I knew I wanted to use for our session! Score! When Staci and Mike got there we all went in and ordered a drink and found a table. First they didn't have the ingredients to make the drink Mike wanted, then the band was SO loud and the only table available was right in front of them. Not suitable for chatting. The Village Idiot is a great place, but this night it was just not working for us so after our one "warm up" drink we left and got started in my new favorite alley!

I then set down my camera bag on this little wooden table that was out there and a swarm of bees come flying out! Apparently I had disturbed their nest. If we have ever met more than a few times, you probably know how I react around bees or any flying/buzzing bug for that matter. I at least impressed myself with being super brave and somehow grabbing my camera bag and running. So far I was losing at the game of engagement session. However, this whole time, Staci and Mike were super sweet, laid back and went with the flow! The remainder of the session continued that way and we had a great time. Thankfully. :) We even continued shooting in the alley! Keeping a watchful eye out for those pesky bees. ;) After the alley we made our way to my favorite willow tree and river spot at Sidecut Metropark.  It was a gorgeous summer evening and so perfect for their shoot! 

Thanks for going with the flow you two! We are really looking forward to your wedding in September!

Enjoy these favorites from our session.