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Kayla + Shon | Downtown Detroit | Detroit Engagement Photographer

EngagementJessica Patton31 Comments

Let me just start by saying I absolutely adore these two. I also adore how they adore each other. Our engagement session captured just that I think. We had SO MUCH FUN. We started out exploring Downtown Detroit. Phew, that is a lot to explore! Way too many fun spots to choose from! From stopping at a bar for a shot together to me risking my life in the busy street for them ;), it was a blast.

Then we got a flat tire….

But that didn’t mean the fun had to end!! These two rolled with it. Well not literally because they couldn’t but you know what I mean. We left the car where it was at, called an uber and headed to Belle Isle. Our uber angel agreed to drive us around the whole island to whatever spots we wanted to go to, then took us back to the car to get assistance and THEN took us home. She was seriously an angel. And it was her first day ubering!!!
One she said she will not soon forget. LOL THANK YOU uber angel!

I am so thankful these two chose us to be on this journey with them.

Enjoy our faves from their session!

Ryan + Lexi | Nichols Arboretum | Ann Arbor Engagement Photographer

EngagementJessica Patton42 Comments

I met these two in Ann Arbor on a recent (very cold) Sunday! Up until that point we had just spoken on the phone. After sitting down for a drink at Savas to warm up and chat, they felt like friends in no time! Just the way we like it! I knew we would get along when we were emailing about places to meet and she said Savas was one of their favorites. GIIIIIRRRLLL me too. I highly recommend their hot buttered rum on a cold day! We spent a few hours wandering around downtown Ann Arbor, eating, drinking, chatting and just having the best time! We ended the day at Nichols Arboretum which is one of my favorite parks. There was still a beautiful layer of snow on the ground! I am so glad we stuck out the cold and did the session this day because it was just beautiful.

Fun fact - These two are high school sweethearts. We tend to have a lot of couples that are high school sweethearts and I don’t know why I love that so much!

These two are definitely meant to be. Can’t wait for their wedding this August.

Enjoy our faves from their winter engagement session!