The Hill Family recently moved to Weston, OH. When Jane mentioned their new property as she contacted me about Henry’s 6 month session, I knew it was the perfect place for it! When I arrived I was immediately in love with their new space! What a beautiful area. Weston insisted on taking me right out back to show me the chicken coop.  I am OBSESSED with chickens. I may have tried to sneak one in my coat. 😉

You may recognize Weston from being the Viridian Ivy model of the year the past two years in a row.  Ok kidding. In all seriousness though this kid is always such a model for the camera and I never have to pose him he just always makes the most perfect faces. Although his brother Henry was not feeling the greatest, he is catching up to his brothers model status fast.  He has got that serious face DOWN. I can tell these two are going to be the best of buds.

I LOVE that the pup snuck in a few photos. I feel like these are so perfectly them!

I just adore this family! Thanks for having me out to your new home. Until next time!

Enjoy. 🙂