Viridian Ivy

We don't just take these photos for you, we take them for your grandchildren.

Our lives are made up of a million little moments. We live to preserve each and every single one. You see, we don’t just take these photos for you. We take them for your grandchildren, and their grandchildren. We take them to preserve your legacy. So that they may know your love. I created Viridian Ivy to do just that for people on one of the most important days of their life and the many more to come. We know how many little things go into planning a wedding, and even family photos. As well as how many little moments make up not only your wedding day, but your relationships and your lives. We are here to give you peace of mind, that those moments will be preserved. Join us in breathing in each moment deeply, allowing us to freeze it with the click of a shutter. Encapsulating it in time, not only for you to enjoy now, but for your next generation.