Are you a photographer that would like to shoot in a studio setting without all the overhead? If so, you’re in the right place!


Our gorgeous neutral space with tons of natural light is available for you! It is a blank slate for you to create whatever you’d like for your clients sessions.


The space is available to rent by the hour/day.


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Studio Availability & Pricing

How large is the space?

Approximately 700 SF.

Are any props included?

Yes! A large mirror, off white sofa, off white chair, various plants, various stools, a desk like table, and a few decorative items.

Is there parking?

Yes! Lots of free parking! A large parking lot on one side of the building and various "street" spots on the other.

Can I move the furniture/props provided around?

Yes, you may move things around! We just ask that you put things back as close to where they were when you found them.

Can I bring my own props?

Absolutely. We encourage you to bring anything additional that you might need for your sessions aside from what is provided. Please see terms for more info.

Can I cancel or reschedule my booking?

All bookings are non refundable but can be rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

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A few sessions we’ve done in the space…



Viridian Ivy Images LLC. Policies are final and agreed to upon payment. The paying client (Renter) assumes all liability for all guests, including themselves.

Booking: To secure your booking/session, we require full payment at time of booking. You may book up to 24 hours in advance.

Cancellations/Reschedules: Rescheduling is only allowed with notice 24+ hours prior to your booking. If rescheduling occurs within 24 hour window to your original booking a new booking will be required. Payments are not transferable. Please note that while we do understand a rescheduling may occur, in order to run a sustainable business, all bookings are non-refundable, and all pricing is subject to change without prior notice.

Refunds: All bookings are non-refundable, and all pricing is subject to change without prior notice.

Often, rentals are booked back to back. Because of this, both setup AND cleanup must be included in the rental time you reserve.

If the renter damages any furniture, walls, photo studio equipment, etc. in Viridian Ivy Studio, the renter is responsible for ALL damages and will be billed with the credit card on file.

Viridian Ivy, its owners and co-workers are not liable for any damages or injuries that may incur to the renter and the renter’s participants or clients. The renter is solely responsible for the actions of him/himself and his/her participants/clients.

At no time are renters and their parties/clients allowed to engage in any kind of unlawful activities while on the premises.

Viridian Ivy is not responsible or liable for any lost or stolen items. Items left behind in the studio will be thrown away. Viridian Ivy is not responsible for any items left behind at any time.

Minors: All underage guests must be accompanied by their legal guardian.

Music: Music can be played from Bluetooth speaker at a reasonable volume.

Need extra time at the end of your rental? Text or call 419-290-4352 to see if your time can be extended. There is a chance we can extend your rental if there’s not another time slot booked directly after yours.

Please NO STANDING ON FURNITURE! No more than 4 people on a couch at a time, and no sitting on the arm rests. A fee is charged at owner discretion if any furniture is damaged.

The following items are PROHIBITED from any use in the studio. A fee is charged at owner discretion for food, spills, stains. Broken items will be at a new cost. Fee is final once accessed.

Glitter and confetti of any kind
Nails in the wall(s)
Silly string
Superglue, duct tape, gorilla tape or any kind of sticky adhesive that cannot be easily removed on any surface of the studio
Open flame
Pets of any kind

Items accessible to renters:

Viridian Ivy has an off white couch, an off white chair, various stools, plants, and a few decor items available. Anything in the open space is available for your use.

Props available for additional rental: Paper backdrops can be added onto your rental for a fee of $15 per 7 feet per roll. Please do not cut the paper backdrops. Any damage to paper backdrops (large rips, tears, cuts) after use will result in a $25 fee.


You may not enter the studio early. You must be packed up and exit the studio at the end of your rental time. Often, rentals are booked back to back. Because of this, both setup and cleanup must be completed in your reserved rental time. Please be sure to notify all attending parties of this rule prior to your reserved rental time.

48 hours prior to your rental you will receive a reminder email with information on how to check in, studio cleanup and your access code to the building and room.

We ask that you please leave the space as you found it. Put all furniture back to as close to where it was when you found it. Turn off all the lights.  All trash must be thrown away at the end of your rental. You can find a trash can in the hallway.  When you leave, make sure the door is pulled shut tight and locked.

Viridian Ivy Images Rental Studio is located on the second floor of the Historic Olde Schoolhouse Commons in Lambertville, MI. Due to the building’s historic status, stair access is the only accessibility to the second floor.

Rental Terms are subject to change at any time without prior notice.