I LOVE getting to travel to different cities for engagement sessions, especially when that city is special to the couple. Spending the day in Columbus with these two, where they met during covid and live, was an absolute blast.

We started at their wedding venue, Jorgensen Farms,* on a hot summer day. This venue is incredible, I will talk about it more in their wedding blog. I cannot waaaaait to share their wedding. All time fave.

We proceeded to the German Village, which is one of my favorite parts of Columbus. The brick streets and the homes!!!! If you know me personally, you know it is my VIIIIBE.

We ended the session at the Scioto Mile and various spots around it.

I love Columbus engagement sessions. So many options and so much fun. If you are doing one there, these are some great location options!

*You do need approval from Jorgensen to shoot there.

Some couples just become extra special to you and this is one of them. I’ll save the details between us but I am so very thankful they came into my life.

Enjoy the many favorites from our day together and stay tuned for their stunning wedding!