This was such a fun session! I love this couple. They are so genuine, creative, smart, driven and just cool! And I’ve just started to get to know them! John and Kate wanted to have pictures that were super candid and truly uniquely them. They LOVE coffee so we started in this adorable newish coffee shop in Downtown Toledo called Rustbelt Coffee. This place has such a cool vibe and the decor is amazing!!! I love how these shots just capture them hanging out and being themselves. It felt like I was basically their paparazzi while they were on the cutest date! 😉 

It started snowing while we were inside so we rushed out for the photo op! The ones of them in the parking lot behind the coffee shop turned into some of my faves. It’s so fun to photograph in the snow! 

Lastly we headed on over to the Toledo Museum of Art. John and Kate love it there. They are even getting married there next year so it was extra special.  It started snowing again on our way in!!! This time it was like a blizzard. So amazing! Inside the museum It was fun to experiment with different lighting and things I don’t normally get to try. They will be getting married in the room with the cool light expo!

Cannot wait for your big day John and Kate!!! 

Enjoy these faves. <3