Late fall/early winter engagement sessions are totally underrated in my opinion! Oak Openings always provides such a beautiful, neutral outdoor background that time of year. It’s definitely my go to suggestion for fall/winter. We met Julie, Nick and their pups out there last December and just had way too much fun! These two are so natural together which always makes my job just easy as pie. Throw in their two pups and aren’t they all just the cutest?! If you have fur babies, we highly recommend bringing them to your engagement session! The chances are high that you won’t be able to do so on the wedding day so it’s a great time to get those first “family” photos to hang on your walls! And WE LOVE IT. I will let them jump on me and yes, lick my face. Also, I’m not just referring to dogs here, believe it or not, we have done an engagement session with cats. Hey, to each their own!!

The first snow had already fallen this day and there were very tiny remnants of it here and there. It wasn’t the warmest day that’s for sure! Their outfits worked well for that fact. We ended the day with a champagne pop (highly recommend). I always tell the person popping to fully commit and not be afraid to spray me. Well I ate my words on this one when I ended up drenched in champagne! My hair, my coat, my camera. Hey, it happens and was well worth it!! I said I better not get pulled over on the way home because I reek of champagne and haven’t even drank a sip! Luckily, it wasn’t as issue. 😉

We are looking forward to popping more champagne with them at their wedding at Sylvania Country Club in August!