I wanted to take a few moments to give a little explanation of our new brand, the reasoning behind it and what you can expect from us !

As Jessica Patton Photography, I felt limited. I didn’t feel like I could expand the way I would like to in the next few years. I was never excited about telling people the name of my business, and would always start with “oh it’s just my name”. I wanted something different, something I hope will stand out in the industry.

My brand and web designer, Sara, was beyond helpful in coming up with business name ideas based on the brand I wanted to create. She gave me so many ideas I thought I’d never decide, and that process actually took quite awhile. I was not as prepared as I thought to make such a huge decision. When I got the list of ideas, Viridian immediately stood out to me. It means blue/green. I loved how it sounded and I loved how I envisioned it looking in the hand crafted cursive I wanted to portray it.  Knowing I wanted my brand to revolve around elements and nature, I had a feeling it was perfect but putting something with it proved to be challenging as well. Sara had mentioned a few other names with the word ivy in it separately from Viridian. Weeks passed. It wasn’t until I was driving down the road one day thinking about something completely different that the combination Viridian Ivy Images popped into my head.  I immediately knew it was it. So whoever sent me that idea, thank you!

Ivy means a lot of things. Not only does it convey my love for the outdoors and nature, it also symbolizes memory, immortality, friendship, fidelity, faithfulness, undying affection, eternal life, and marriage. All of those portray or symbolize what I do and make memories of/for.

I already knew I wanted the visuals for the name to be light and airy with a hand crafted look. I wanted the colors to be drawn from natural elements.  Sara nailed it.

Here is the inspiration board she made to help create the brand.


This new name and brand completely portrays what inspires us, captures our vision and matches our goals at Viridian Ivy.

We strive to not only create art that looks pretty, but art that portrays real, genuine emotion. We want to create something that your future generations will look back on only to be filled with nostalgia. Everyone’s story is special and unique and we feel privileged to be a part of it.

We will continue to offer weddings and engagements, boudoir and families and children. A lot of people say you need to find one niche and stick with that. I truly feel as if all of those are our niche. We feel like we excel in all of those areas. It would kill us not to be able to photograph a bride whos become more like a friend first baby and then their family portraits every year after that. Our clients become like family.

We would describe our style as extremely candid, filled with emotion and effortless with an artistic flair. Our inspiration is drawn from natural elements and sensations such as natural light, water, open fields, movement, real emotions and genuine interaction. As your photographer, our goal is to capture all of the real moments, not just the ones where everyone is looking and smiling forcibly. The moments in between where you see your very soon-to-be new husband for the first time, where the baby is screaming because you won’t let them have their binky for pictures, or dad is snuggling with your 4 year old in the background and thinks no one is watching. These are the unforgettable moments that you will look back on and feel something again. That is what inspires us at Viridian Ivy Images.

Although our brand, name and website have changed, our quality of service has not. In fact it will just keep improving. Jessica Patton is still the owner and head photographer. We look forward to growing our team in the future and continuing to offer you the best photography experience we can. You deserve it.

We are so excited for what the future holds and can’t wait to share it all with you.

<3 Jessica